Weekday Confidence Stylist Position

Weekday Confidence Stylist at Chelsea’s Boutique



Fast-paced, relational styling position that requires a strong belief in the power and importance of empowering women to see their unique beauty.



  • Alignment with our mission statement and core values
  • Available between 15-35 hours a week Monday through Friday, as well as the willingness to work occasional weekend shifts or holidays

The hours we are looking to hire within include:
Monday 11:30am - 5:30pm



Individual Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain great customer service and create a unique shopping experience
  2. Maintain the cleanliness of the store
  3. Changing floor setups and displays
  4. Managing daily and weekly floor tasks
  5. Help process/manage clothing, jewelry, and accessory orders as needed

Team Responsibilities:

  1. Utilizing our communication platform, Slack, to communicate with other team members in a timely manner.
  2. Utilizing our task management software, Asana, to maintain an efficient and consistent workflow between team members.
  3. Working extra hours during holidays, expos and special events.
  4. Taking part in quarterly sales training and team building activities.


  1. You’re able to maintain a positive and respectful attitude with customers and fellow team members, and you strive to work within a fast paced company.
  2. You have a want and willingness to learn new things, even if they are beyond your skill set and you are willing to fail forward. You have the ability to learn from each step you take and embrace change.
  3. You have a love of giving back to the community and being involved in something bigger than yourself. You understand what it means to empower women and live it out in your everyday life.
  4. You love fashion, and you’re eager to keep up with the latest trends, both locally and nationally.
  5. You are a detail-oriented person who loves to be organized. You’re able to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a clear, concise manner and are able to handle multiple tasks at any given time.
  6. You see people’s potential to do amazing things and work to help them realize this full potential.
  7. You have excellent time management skills, and being on time is very important to you.
  8. You desire to work on a team where everyone cares for one another and your relationships quickly move from co-worker to friend. Memes and emojis are your favorite ways to communicate and you believe macaroons truly do fix everything

Our team members are the kind of people you can’t wait to be friends with. They all have an extreme willingness and want to lift up everyone they meet, work well within a fast paced environment, and of course, love fashion!



Expected Hourly Wage: $13-15 depending on experience


We offer:

  • In store discounts
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Monthly team get togethers to grow deep connections with our team
  • A space to continually grow & expand within the business, and yourself
  • An opportunity to work alongside some of the most amazing humans on this planet!

Come join our amazing team, make new friends, and develop your career all while having a lot of fun!

To apply, fill out the application here.

In addition, please submit your resume to: [email protected]